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Carnival 2008 02.02.08 - 06.02.08

The city of Rio de Janeiro attracts over 1,5 Million people with his Carnival celebration. It has to be a reason why it is considered as one of the best shows in the world and it is definitely a “must do” for everybody.

During the Carnival period there is a lot going on in all parts of Rio. The streets are full of people, music and fun. A lot of clubs and hotels offer special Carnival theme and costume parties, so that you will have a big number of options to do every night something different and interesting. The entire country of Brazil "stops" to celebrate during this period.

The most famous Carnival parade is actually a competition between the Samba schools in Rio de Janeiro and it takes place in the Sambodromo, which is a special stadium for this event.

There are two leagues of schools – A (premier league) and B (second league). Every school has about 4000 people dancing on the parade and 8 schools are presented on each nights. The parade starts at about 21.00 and goes until 6.00 – 7.00 in the morning. The finals of the competition in the league A are always on Sunday and Monday – the best schools make their parades trough the Sambodromo. That’s why these two nights are considered as the best nights and the prices are higher than usual.


The Sambodromo is divided in sectors, the sectors in Grand Stand (no numbered seats), numbered seats and VIP-lounges. Please click on the map below to see a map of the Sambodromo.
Here is a short guide for you to find the best place for you according to your preferences and budget:
Sector 1: Not a great option. Offers a good view of the schools only as they are entering the Sambodrome.
Sector 2: For those who can afford to do it in style and comfort, this is the long three-level section of VIP boxes with an average capacity for 12 people. Boxes can be reserved together...for a fee of course. 2 A is the ground level, 2B the second level, 2C the top level.
Sector 3: Not a bad option. Lower priced than other odd-numbered sectors, while still offering a descent views due to its proximity to the jury section.
Sector 4: Sector 2 blocks the view from this sector. Avoid this sector unless you can get tickets for the frisas.
Sector 5: Comparable to sector 3
Sector 6: Further yet behind sectors 2 and 4. Here you see the schools only as they are leaving.
Sector 7: Central location, great views, excellent option.
Sector 8: If you are offered tickets for this sector, do not purchase them. The sector does not exist.
Sector 9: This sector is reserved for tourists. Tickets are available through travel agencies. Expect to pay as much as double. Located near the recuo da bateria, or the drummers niche, this sector benefits from the infectious adrenaline exchanged between the percussion players and the performers. Numbered seats.
Sector 10: Please do not purchase tickets for this sector. See Sector 8.
Sector 11: comparable to sector 9. Numbered seats.
Sector 12: Please do not purchase tickets for this sector. See sector 8 and 10.

Prices for Sunday and Monday

We offer tickets for the Sectors 5, 7, 9 and 11 which are the best options to enjoy the parade. We recommend sector 7 as the best one.

There are 3 types of tickets for the Sambodromo:
-Arquibancada (Grand Stand) - the most economical ones. You don't have a real seat, you sit on the stairs of the Samba-stadium. You need to go there at least 2 hours earlier to get a place as close as possible to the parade.

Grand Stand: Sector 5 - US $ 190 per person; Sector 7 – US $ 259 per person; Sector 9 – US $ 370 per person

-Frisas - numbered seats. These seats are very close to the parade, you have a numbered seat, so that you don't need to go so early and you can enjoy the Carnival from very close.

Frisas (numbered seats): Sector 5 - US $ 450 per person; Sector 7 – US $ 590; Sector 9 – US $ 850; Sector 11 US $ 560 per person

-Camarote - VIP-lounges. These are lounges with food, drinks, AC and special services, which are just over the parade, offering the best view.

Camarote: starting from US $ 22000 for 12 people, you may also buy individual tickets – starting at US $ 1800.

Payment and Reservations

To buy tickets for the Carnival parade is requiered full upfront payment. There is no refund in case of cancellation.

You can pay the tickets via wire transfer to an US- or European bank account or trough paypal (add 4% paypal fees).

If you have booked your accommodation with us we will give you the tickets upon arrival. In case you have booked your accommodation else where, we will need an address to be able to deliver you the tickets.